BabyLegs Socks Standard - Encore
BabyLegs Socks Standard - Encore BabyLegs Socks Standard - Encore

BabyLegs Socks Standard - Encore


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Your choosed size:

- the new Socks out of the house BabyLegs

- 12-24 months
- 2-4 years

Material composition:
- 70% cotton, 21% Nylon, 5% polyester, 4% spandex
- machine-washable (delicate cloths/high water-level)

BabyLegs Socks:
- smooth toes for a comfortable seat
- not slips of the foot thanks to a special Y heel
- non-slip soles - for safe first steps
- a real eye-catcher - with her happy designs

The inventor:
This product is also the invention of an imaginative mother: Nicole Donnely invented the BabyLegs as leg warmer for her at that time 8 months old daughter Sara who should much thrash about barely because of an acute diaper thrush. But did she want to exchange the sore botty for a thick cold really? So the BabyLegs were born, an alternative to the Legging which leaves the diaper area liberal, and moreover sits considerably better or pantyhose, as size dependent pantyhose.

Nicole Donnelly sold the first BabyLegs sewn to friendly mothers and acquaintances out of your compress bag, not some as 100 couples within the first two weeks! The idea got round like a wildfire so that Nicole Donnelly set up her own company in April 2005. Within only a year the BabyLegs have already attained cult statuses in the USA, are celebrated in the American press and are already available in over 20 countries worldwide. The move in Germany immediately brought about success. In shortest time the BabyLegs were and are the talk of the town also with us particularly with carrying parents.


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